Bosch 36V battery red light

I am often asked what is Bosch 36V battery red light, so I decided to open a new chapter with a few instructions on various aspects of the use of tools.

Bosch 36V battery red light
Bosch 36V battery red light

On 36V batteries from Bosch company has two LEDs. First – this is quite familiar to us battery level. Indications can be removed from it in two cases – when the battery is charged using a special charger, or if you press a special button next to the indicator.

The second indicator – a red light with a sign next to the thermometer. The indicator lights up when the battery is overheated, or vice versa too cold to produce charge it in an accelerated mode.

Details on the indicators are written in the instructions to the charger:

If the red indicator light is “ON”, the battery pack is too hot or cold
for fast-charging lexapro pill. The charger will automatically switch to fast-charging once a suitable temperature is reached.

If the red indicator light is “BLINKING”, the battery pack cannot accept a charge or the contacts of the charger or battery pack are
contaminated. Clean the contacts of the charger or battery pack only as directed in these operating instructions or those supplied with your tool or battery pack.

Plug charger cord into your standard power outlet.

With no battery pack inserted, the charger’s green indicator light will go ON. This indicates the charger is receiving power and the charger is ready for operation.
When you insert the battery pack into the charger. The charger’s green indicator light will begin to “BLINK”. This indicates that the battery is receiving a fast charge. When the indicator light stops “BLINKING” (and becomes a steady green light) fast charging is complete. The battery pack is fully charged and can be removed from the charger.

The battery pack may be used even though the light may still be blinking. The light may require more time to stop blinking depending on temperature.

The purpose of the green light is to indicate that the battery pack is fast-charging. It does not indicate the exact point of full charge. The light will stop blinking in less time if the battery pack was not completely discharged.

When you begin the charging process of the battery pack, a steady red light could also
mean the battery pack is too hot or too cold. Fast charging is only possible when the
temperature range of the battery pack is between 32˚F (0˚C) and 113˚F (45˚C). When
needed, the internal fan of the charger will turn on to aid the charging process and speed. As soon as the battery pack reaches the correct temperature range, the battery charger will automatically switch to fast charging.

If the red indicator light is “BLINKING”, the battery pack cannot accept a charge.

  • Check to make sure the battery pack is inserted into the charger properly.
  • Clean the contacts of the charger or battery pack (e. g. by inserting and removing the battery several times) or replace the battery pack, as required.

When the battery pack is fully charged, unplug the charger (unless you’re charging another battery pack) and slip the battery pack back into the tool.


Powerful batteries red LED used for professional tools: Bosch GBH 36 V-LI Professional and others.

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  1. I have a NEW charger and TWO NEW batteries 36 v 6 amph, they were put on for the first time and the flashing green light were going, on the second charging both batteries went to solid red light and will not charge regardless of how long they are on the charger, in the house the temperature is 20 degrees and so are the batteries. There is charge in the batteries and it is only not recharging., I took the charger back and it was replaced with another NEWone two NEW batteries obtained and they do the same.
    WTF is going on here , these are deadly dear batteries and yet they will not charge, Any ideas???
    The whole lot is going back to Bosch service to let them see, The supplier said they will not replace any more batteries as it must be me doing it.??????

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