Bosch GBH 36 V-LI Professional review

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Technical data Bosch GBH 36 V-LI Professional

Here you will find the most important technical data for your professional Bosch tool at a glance!

Max. impact energy 3,2 J
Impact rate at rated speed 0 – 4.200 bpm
Rated speed 0 – 940 rpm
Battery voltage 36 V
Battery capacity 4 Ah
Weight inc. battery 4,5 kg
Length 383,0 mm
Width 108,0 mm
Height 246,0 mm
Bit holder SDS-plus
drilling range
Drilling diameter in concrete with hammer drill bits 4 – 28 mm
Optimum range of applications in concrete with hammer drill bits 8 – 18 mm
Max. drilling diameter in steel 13 mm
Max. drilling diameter in wood 30 mm

Noise/vibration information

Total vibration values (vector sum of three directions)

Hammer drilling in concrete
Vibration emission value ah 14.5 m/s²
Uncertainty K 1.5 m/s²


Advantages Bosch GBH 36

Endless power and absolute control

  • Up to 50% faster work rate due to higher single impact energy and 100% more lifetime (compared to predecessor GBH 36 V-LI)
  • Bosch Electronic Precision Control (EPC) adjusts performance to provide optimum results in sensitive materials
  • LED worklight for an optimum view of the work position
  • 3 functions: drilling, hammering, chiselling
  • Bosch Electronic Cell Protection (ECP): protects the battery against overload, overheating and deep discharge
  • Bosch KickBack Control (KBC) retains control if the drill bit jams
  • Vibration Control for low user fatigue
  • Up to 240 holes in concrete with one battery charge (diameter 6 x 40 mm)
  • Innovative CoolPack batteries ensure optimum heat dissipation and therefore increase lifetime by up to 100% (cf. Li-Ion batteries without CoolPack)
  • Faster than average charging time: Battery charged to 80% after only 25 minutes

Our review GBH 36 V-LI


The monstrous force of the impact to the battery perforated. Unbelievable but true: on the force of impact on the head traverses the majority of network perforator format SDS +.
Long runs on a single charge. Two battery lasts for much longer continuous operation than a single operator.
No wires. Very convenient, but unreasonably expensive in most cases the use of perforated.
Due to the strong impact does not burn drills, as do cheap perforated with a very low blow.


Terribly rare and expensive batteries. Two batteries are the same as a new one with the same two batteries, charging and suitcase into the bargain. For small works on thin weak walls, it should be applied very carefully – too strong blow easily beats out the concrete pieces on the back side.

A comment:

Initially, this model was selected for drilling the holes for the anchors in caves sample – there is no electricity and gets very hard rock, so need a reliable cordless tools maximum available power.

Later this hammer was used to repair concrete in urban areas (modern-situ concrete – drilling, large holes breakout). Concrete near the power perforated Makita HR2470 showed that the force of impact Makita 2470 and soles are not suitable Bosch GBH 36 V-LI – what Makita 2470 slowly and sadly half an hour, the battery Bosch GBH 36 V-LI cheerful and fun turns in small rubble for two minutes.

A year later, the medium-active operation of the concrete battery capacity has decreased markedly. To work in the vicinity of the outlet bought even more powerful network GBH 2-28 DV – it’s cheaper than often buy batteries for GBH 36 V-LI. A GBH 36 V-LI leave only for work away from the 220V.

3 thoughts on “Bosch GBH 36 V-LI Professional review

  • August 5, 2016 at 8:57 am

    Pros: indestructibility. Fast charge batteries.

    Cons: At first it seems heavy, but for the power and duration of work have to pay it. The low speed of rotation, I would like more bright.

  • August 5, 2016 at 2:02 pm

    – No worse drill network.
    – When drilling deep and wide hole through the reinforced concrete, it helps reset function, if wedge drill.
    – Reliable. Once I worked non-stop for 40 minutes crown 65 mm on concrete. Punch is hot, so that the part with the motor burned hands, thought .. but no burn) more they interfere with the solution)) Nuts twisted) What I was doing with him – all uneasy.

    – Well, after three years of active use of the batteries began to fail … But maybe I’m just too much to want)
    – A little bit heavy. Although it may be a little weak, I))
    Comment: after three years do not regret that bought it.

  • December 13, 2016 at 12:20 pm

    With this drill I work more than a year. So far, no complaints there.


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