Bosch 1191VSRK review

Today we talk about the Bosch products.


We have long planned to collect a few reputable Bosch 1191VSRK reviews. One only our review does not solve anything, as there is no trust and the reviews that leave users in online stores.
Bosch 1191VSRK review
We will gather authoritative reviews, publish them and give you the opportunity to express their views.

Of course, no cost and without useful video features and photos to help you to choose the drill.

Bosch 1191VSRK Hammer Drill review

The tool applies to the budget category, so it is not necessary to wait a lot from him. Although its characteristics it is clearly bypass model Bosch GBH 36 V-LI Professional, but is appropriate to compare both wired and wireless models? I think no.

These are the Bosch 1191VSRK specs give the company itself Bosch:


Amperage 7.0
Chuck Design Keyed
Chuck Size 1/2 in
Length 11.0″
Max. Capacity in Wood 1-1/4″
No Load BPM 0-48,000
No Load RPM 0-3,000
Voltage 120V
Weight 4.1lb
Width 3 lexapro price.0″
Includes Auxiliary Handle — 1 612 025 024, Depth Gauge — 1 613 001 010, Chuck Key — 3 608 571 069

And, of course, the information from the official site:


  • 7.0 A, 0-3, 000 RPM, 0-48,000 BPM
  • Dual-mode selector — easily converts from rotation-only to hammer drill mode
  • Variable speed reversing switch — complete control for drilling, driving and removing bits or screws
  • All ball and roller bearing construction — smooth power transmission and extended tool life
  • Ergonomic handle — multiple gripping positions for increased comfort and control
  • 360° Side-handle with depth gauge — wide range of movement for comfort along with consistent drilling depth
  • 120 V 7 A, AC only

And just a little video about the tool to distract you from the official figures and slogans:

You sure will appreciate Bosch 1191VSRK price, on Amazon, it is only $89, although other stores tool is available as a cheaper and more expensive.

Mmmm, reviews …

At Bosch official website has a pretty nice positive feedback:

I purchased this hammer a drill for drilling of openings of anchor bolts in concrete. I was instantly impressed with the performance, but my employees are impressed every time when I use it. One of my favourite comments came from one theHe told: “I don’t know that it can be so simple.” I use Bosch specific bits, and I drilled hundreds of openings of anchor bolts at depths from 4 “to 12” and each opening is drilled in only a few seconds. It is proved more than once to be one of mine wiser investments of the tool.

And this one:

I need the boring hammer and usually, I buy something between the cheapest and that which costs most of all, and the guy in a shop we recommend Bosch. It was a little more money, but I decided to go with it and to allow it to try. I was really impressed with how it worked and how well it is processed. It is also simple in use. It is delivered with a beautiful cover. He did a great job on a task I did, and it was a lot of power. I definitely would recommend this product.

Bosch 1191VSRK review
So sharply negative, with a score of one star:

I sent it on Amazon where I bought it.

I bought it more than a year ago on the basis of feedbacks. I used it today for the first time new of a box. I 7 each 3/16 openings in a bricklaying for a brick are drilled and it worked perfectly. On the 8th a drill, it stopped cold. I waited for several minuet, thinking that built in a thermoelement I was in a game. It started over again on 1/4 turns and stopped cold. There is no movement of positions of switches worked. The inclusion of the tightening boss does not work. Waited for one hour, will not be glad.

I am revolted that I spend money addressed to a brand, and it not in one day at the easy loading offloading. Blok never received heat up or smoked or smelled of electric. It is a piece of garbage which I can use for fishing of scales now.

Whether there is something similar on the line not to buy. To pass into a local shop of a box and to buy it and if it not in one day, you can take it back on the other or full refund.

STUPID ENGINEERING is also other feedbacks which show the same mistake.

Note: I received it for work about 10 seconds after driving the bicycle the switch today. But now it is dead again. I would like that you to send to me replacement of the switch, number 1607200272 Switch to receive this thing working quickly. Thanks.

Small official video

Just specify that the following video on the VSR model under the symbol, but it will be interesting to you:

The tool is so bad? No, maybe it was used incorrectly. Or maybe it is bad … The video does not give us more accurate data.

Other videos we have not found, so let us return to the real customer reviews:

Most buyers are satisfied. There is a small percentage of those who rate the drill in 1 or 2 stars. On Amazon the average stable 4 stars.

Well, we will not give in to emotions and formulate their opinions.


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