Chainsaw or electric chainsaw: what to buy and when to use?

You are the owner of your own house with a fireplace or a wood-burning stove, care for the garden and even plan to build a sauna? Then the question of buying a reliable saw sooner or later will face you.

We will understand what is better chainsaw or electric chainsaw.


Chainsaw or electric chainsaw: what to buy and when to use?

It is possible to make something simple or to cut thin branches, of course, using a regular hacksaw or an axe. But if you work on wood often, then you can not do without electric chainsaws or chainsaws. The question is just which one to choose. We will try to do this by evaluating all the advantages and disadvantages of both instruments.

Power supply, mobility

This characteristic is the main difference between the two types of saws. Electric chainsaws are powered by electricity, so you can buy it only if you have the opportunity to connect the instrument to the electrical network.

The plus is the ease of manipulation – turned on / off, the drawback – the presence of a cord. When sawing firewood near the house, it will not become a hindrance, but it can be difficult if you want to process the whole site and, in addition, actively move: you have to buy an extension cable of several tens of meters, so as not to damage the cord.

Portability is a weighty advantage of a chainsaw: you can freely move around the site or go into the woods for firewood. It will help out if there are jumps in the electricity network. Another weighty argument in favour of a chainsaw is the opportunity to take it to the forest or fishing.

Capacity and Opportunity

Many talk about such positive characteristics of power chainsaws as weight and compactness. However, it should be borne in mind that electric chainsaws in their parameters are related to household tools. Therefore, they can be compared not with professional or semi-professional chainsaws, but also with household chainsaws. In this case, the dimensions and power of both types of saws will be approximately the same.

Professional and semi-professional chainsaws are much more powerful than any power chainsaw.

If you often work with a thick or thick tree, it is better to use a chainsaw. The electric chainsaw is more suitable for construction work. Those who regularly use the electric chainsaw note that it has a smoothly adjusted speed, while the chainsaw often sticks, the cut turns out to be crooked, it is inconvenient to cut thin boards or cut a tree along.

The electric motor should cool down after 15-20 minutes of operation, some models of chainsaw can withstand the load of 8 or more hours without interruption.

Another advantage of electroplating is the possibility to choose a model with a longitudinal or transverse arrangement of the engine. It is believed that the former are more balanced in their work. When performing, for example, a figured cut, the side-thrusting engine will not interfere.

Working conditions

“With the electric chainsaw you will not go sawing in bad weather,” they say alone. “And who will go to saw in bad weather?” – answer others. And yet, this dispute reveals the most important feature of both instruments – the dependence of their work on weather conditions.

The electric chainsaw should not be used in places with high humidity, during rain and snow. With a chainsaw, you can work in almost any weather, even in heavy frost, although users note that there may be problems with the launch.

Ease of operation and environmental friendliness

Many consumers buy electric chainsaws because of the convenience of work: it is less noisy and vibrates, and therefore a person experiences less tension, can work longer. It is also important that the electric saw does not emit exhaust gases, in contrast to the chainsaw. Thanks to this, the electric saw can be used without damage to health even in closed and unventilated rooms.

Supporters of electric chainsaws also note that it is faster to work with: you do not need to prepare a fuel mixture, measure the number of components, monitor their quality. Some scare more complex manipulations with a chainsaw, they say, it is more difficult to get it, it requires more technical literacy.

In fact, the algorithm for starting a gasoline engine is not so complicated.

Cost and expenses

For many, an important indicator when buying a saw is its cost. Prices for electric saws are lower than the cost of their gasoline analogues. Also electric chainsaws are more economical in operation: electricity is cheaper than gasoline, such a chainsaw requires fewer spare parts and consumables, one does not have to contend with the smells of gasoline from clothes.

Do not save too much on the tool or oil for the engine, buy quality and well-known manufacturers: a higher price – a guarantee of reliability.

Care and maintenance

About the basic rules of work with electric chainsaws and chainsaws.


For work it is necessary to prepare a mixture of gasoline and two-stroke oil in the proportions indicated on the container. For convenience, many manufacturers produce special canisters with risks that show the proportion of oil per liter of gasoline. The mixture is stored for about a week.

Be sure to use oil for the chain during operation, it provides a light cut, quick removal of sawdust from the cutting element, longer life of the tire and chain. Oil consumption – 1 tank about 2 tanks of fuel mixture.

Electric chainsaw

Also, oil is used for the chain, one refill lasts about 40-50 minutes. Work. If the electric chainsaw is sufficient to monitor the chain tension and the oil level for lubrication, the saw should also be monitored for lubricating the engine.

Electric chainsaw

All models of electric chainsaws are equipped with a cable of no more than 0.5 meters in order to avoid getting the power connection to wet ground or water (puddle). If the cable is about 5 meters, it should be connected directly to the network, without an extension cable.

The most common breakdown is jamming the chain. If the chain is clamped, stop the engine, lift or change the position of the log. Do not jerk the tool to release the chain. Otherwise, repairs can not be avoided.

Do not overheat the electric chainsaw motor. Estimated time of constant work is 15-20 minutes.

When working with the electric chainsaw, do not press on the tire, the saw must smoothly enter the tree trunk. If this is difficult, the chain may be blunt or the sawdust stuck in the tire interferes with the rotation.

After completing the work, loosen the chain, cooling down, it contracts and can disable the tire, sprocket and engine crankshaft bearings.


Despite the fact that electric chainsaws and chainsaws are used for one purpose – sawing a tree, they are designed for various jobs and working conditions. The saw is indispensable in enclosed spaces, the chainsaw can only be used in open spaces. The latter is also used for professional work.

Listen to the advice of a specialist, and the garden technique chosen by you will bring only pleasure from work and will last a long time.

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