Lawn mower or trimmer?

Lawn mower and trimmer are indispensable helpers in maintaining the lawn in exemplary order. People usually start to care for grass with a trimmer, but gaining experience, they also acquire a lawn mower. What are the advantages and disadvantages of a lawn mower in comparison with a trimmer?


Advantages and disadvantages of lawn mowers

The lawnmower is good for working on large areas. It is more productive than a trimmer. Thus, the grass on your site will be moved faster at lower physical costs.

The height adjustment allows you to get a perfectly flat lawn. In addition, you can adjust the height of the haircut, depending on the height of the grass for several passes, thereby making it easier for both yourself and the lawn mower.

The undoubted advantage of a lawn mower is the presence of a container for collecting grass. You do not need to manually remove it with rakes from the site, like after a trimmer. You can not leave the mown grass, because its decomposition will oppress the growth of new grass, and after a while, you will get a site with empty places.

The lawn mower is practically safe in comparison with the trimmer since its cutting knife is closed on all sides by the body.

The disadvantages of lawn mowers can be attributed the possibility of its use only on level areas, free of stones and other obstacles.

Well, finally, you have to pay for all the benefits. Lawn mowers are much more expensive than trimmers, but still the ease of use and their performance more than compensate for this difference.

Advantages and disadvantages of trimmers

Trimmer is indispensable in those areas where the surface is uneven and there are obstacles (stones, borders, etc.). When using the fishing line as a cutting element, it is easy to cut the grass, even in contact with solid objects. It should be noted that the wear of the line is higher in this case. When using a circle as a trimmer trim, this advantage disappears.

The trimmer easily cuts the grass in narrow places, where the lawnmower basically does not pass. Therefore, if the lawn mower works better in areas, then the trimmer completes the details of the lawn.

The trimmer does not provide a perfectly level height of grass mowing, so this indicator is controlled only visually by the summer owner.
The disadvantages of the trimmer include its lower safety in comparison with the lawnmower, as well as increased trauma. Therefore, it is better to work with a trimmer in a face mask and gloves.

Types of lawn mowers

Electric lawn mowers

Practically noiseless, there is no need to take care of fuel and oil.

Electric lawn mowers are easy to operate and environmentally friendly. Are applied for sites of small and average sizes. They have many advantages, among which the most important are light weight and relative noiselessness. Electric lawn mowers are cylindrical and rotary. Cylindrical blades operate according to the scissors principle, the haircut with the help of such a lawnmower can be called the most qualitative.

In rotary lawnmowers, blades operate on the principle of a braid. The quality of the haircuts is lower, but they are cheaper and more versatile: they cut both overgrown and hard grass.

Gasoline Lawn Mowers

They do not need a separate wire, so you can move around the site without problems. They have high power and performance, but they are noisier, heavier and do not guarantee environmental cleanliness. The width of the bevel – from 43 to 57 cm per pass.

Petrol lawn mowers are designed to handle a large area and are ideal for owners of large dachas or homestead lawns. This technique is characterised by high power and performance, and also, importantly, full autonomy. Of course, these units can work without binding to electricity, at any distance from home.

Cordless lawn mowers

Combine the environmental safety of electrical appliances and the mobility of gasoline. With a single battery, you can process a relatively small area. The absence of an electric wire greatly simplifies the process of mowing grass, since it does not require its constant movement.

Types of Trimmers

Electric Trimmers

Used mainly to maintain the appearance of previously treated surfaces. With its help, it is not necessary to undertake the processing of the site from scratch: they are more difficult to cut off thick stems of weeds and even thick grass.

In addition, its engine needs power, which is most often supplied by means of a long network cable that blocks the freedom of action of the mower and, from time to time, threatens to fall under the knife.

When choosing an electric trimmer, you need to take into account that its performance depends on both engine power, and on the diameter of the circle, as well as the thickness of the line. The power of the main mass of the electric trimmers is in the range of 600-1000 W. However, there are models with a capacity of up to 1100 W – this power is enough for the use of metal knives. As for the diameter of the circle, it is in the range from 22 to 40 cm.

The thickness of the line depends on what kind of grass is supposed to mow: the harder and coarser the grass, the thicker the line must be. Electrotrimmers can be equipped with plastic or metal knives. The latter significantly increase the productivity of the trimmer, but they can not be used in stony areas.

Gasoline Trimmers

If the area on which the use of the trimmer is supposed to be large, it is better to give preference to gasoline models. They are characterised by high power, and their operation does not depend on the presence of a power source in the immediate vicinity.

The functionality of many gasoline trim tabs allows not only mowing the grass but also cutting bushes and small trees. Such models are preferred by the owners of plots who do not have the opportunity to constantly take care of the adjacent territory, and who have to cope with significant, greatly overgrown grass and shrub massifs.
The disadvantages of gasoline trimmer can be attributed to their noise – work with them have, as a rule, in headphones.

As in electric trim tabs, in the construction of a gasoline trimmer, a fishing line is most often used as a cutting tool. However, its thickness is usually greater than that of electric models, and the circle of mowing, whose diameter can reach 45 mm, is also large.

Most gasoline models also assume the possibility of using knives or disks – this possibility gives their increased power. Trimmers with metal disks are able to cope even with small trees – it’s true, to use them for mowing grass is inexpedient. Another advantage of the gasoline trimmer, in comparison with the electric trimmer, is that it can be used for a long time and do not worry about overheating.

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