Glass houses – features and design advantages

Glass houses are one of the most unusual design solutions. They look aesthetically pleasing, create a sense of infinite space, openness to nature. Such a house is able to emphasise the individuality and originality of its owner, to become an ornament of any locality.


Glass houses - features and design advantages

Features of the glass house

This structure misses a lot of light, it is insulated quite well thanks to modern technologies. However, a rather specific design makes such a house not only original but also well-viewed for outsiders.

Thanks to the glass walls you will get great views, if the house is in the bosom of nature, you can enjoy the feeling of freedom, proximity to the surrounding world. You will be able to show off to your guest’s unusual panoramas, enjoy the contemplation of sunsets, stars, various natural phenomena.

However, it is worth paying attention to the fact that transparent walls will show passers-by what happens inside the room. Not every owner does not cause discomfort.

Technical side of the question

A house made of double-glazed windows is assembled using wireframe technology. This technology comes from German half-timbered structures. It is a rigid frame, usually, it is made of wood, various beams includes slits, so you can create the right number of sectors, the area of which will be quite large. The technology allows making the structure reliable, to increase its strength.

Are glass buildings safe?

Do not think that the usual glass is used to create glass houses, as for windows. Glass walls are much thicker than a conventional window, in addition, they are made from materials that have been specially processed and made by other technologies, which makes the glass house as durable and safe as possible.


The glass walls of the house, except for glass, are assembled from the following elements:

  • A complex system of profiles: they can be made of wood, aluminium, plastic or steel.
  • A variety of types of glass are used: reinforced, having a steel coating, laminated, hardened, in addition, Plexiglas can be used.

The glass wall in the house is made of a material that has undergone a complex technological procedure. Glass is not only manufactured by certain modern technologies but also strengthened by the use of special compounds and processing. In addition, composite materials can be used, such an unusual solution as a transparent slate.

What are the advantages of a transparent house?

Like any design, the model in question can have both positive and negative sides, which are relevant to discuss in more detail. The positive qualities include the following:

  • Glass houses, whose designs are very diverse, can differ in their original appearance, the buildings will not be typical, similar to each other, and any fantasy flight can be allowed. If you like the unusual attractive look of a building or want an original interior, transparent walls will be the best solution.
  • You can embody the most daring ideas of any designer. Glass practically does not limit the construction of a shape or size. You can make a fantasy by arranging the interior.
    Modern materials make the building warm, comfortable for a living; The walls of such a house are warm, do not allow noise and cold to enter the room, like standard double-glazed windows.
  • Assembling the house does not take much time, as the frame is manufactured in the factory, like glass, which is already installed on site.
  • You do not need to spend a lot of electricity on lighting the house, as the windows let in a maximum of light. In the summer time, a special blackout can help out, keeping infrared radiation: this solution is especially important for southern regions. Like ordinary glass, this can be toned, mirrored.
  • The house with glass walls is well thought out in terms of the need for maintenance. Communications are removed, they are invisible to look. They are convenient to maintain.
  • Modern glass structures are characterised by high strength, long service life. Manufacturers expect that the glass will last more than a hundred years. It is worth noting that it is impossible to break such a wall even on purpose.
  • If the house is located in a beautiful place, you will get a great view, feel part of nature, and will be reliably protected from unpleasant natural phenomena.
  • Plans are usually used spacious to create the maximum sense of space, remove the feeling of stiffness.

What are the disadvantages of glass construction?

Despite its positive properties, the glass house may have a number of shortcomings that can create a serious hindrance to the future owner:

  • The high cost of the project and bringing it to life make this housing inaccessible. Not only materials but also work have a high price, since not every builder can cope with it.
  • The outer surface of the glasses is quickly dirty. It sits dust, piles rubbish, cases of bird droppings are frequent. It is often necessary to clean the structure; This is difficult, it takes a lot of labour, you can not get every element, so you’ll need to recruit specialists.

Tip: in order to technically service the house it was easy, frameworks should be equipped with special profiles, with which you can work outside the building.

If you are uncomfortable with outside views, and you need a clearly delimited personal space, you will not be able to use this variant of the structure, since not everyone can feel comfortable in it. However, it is possible to darken the glass, make it a mirror, use a curtain.

Conclusion: the glass house is sure to become the centre of attention, it looks unusual and attractive, and such a structure can not leave anyone indifferent.

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