Impact driver: characteristics and features

An electric screwdriver is an indispensable tool in everyday life for every man. With its help, it does not work to attach a shelf or to hang pictures. Electric screwdriver designed specifically to twist and unscrew the screws, nuts or screws. The market of electrical appliances is so diverse that it is difficult to navigate and choose the right tool. The best option for today is a percussion screwdriver. What are its differences from the usual, what are the characteristics and features?


Advantages of impact driver

By purchasing this power tool, you make it much easier to work at home or in a workshop, and on a production scale, it is simply indispensable.

Let’s consider the main advantages of the tool:

  • It completely replaces the screwdriver;
  • With an impact driver you can twist or untwist any nuts and screws;
  • If necessary, drill a tree or even metal or concrete;
  • The device is much more compact and more convenient to use than, for example, a drill;
  • This type of electric tool is equipped with an adjustable clutch, which allows limiting the torque and avoiding damage to the fasteners;
  • There is no need to press hard when screwing screws or screws that allow you to save their hats and then they will not be difficult to unscrew if there is such a need;
  • High tool life;
  • The possibility of mounting in hard-to-reach places, due to the compactness of the device.

Characteristics of impact drivers

Before choosing any power tool, you should familiarise yourself with its characteristics:

  • Weight: 1-1,3 kg;
  • Power: 230-300 W;
  • Idling, frequency per minute: 0-3600;
  • Number of beats per minute up to 3200;
  • Has a double electrical insulation;
  • Equipped with a reverse mechanism;
  • Many models have a light bulb to illuminate the work surface.


Prices for percussion screwdrivers are slightly higher than for conventional ones. This fact is due to the multifunctionality of the device. Also, the cost varies depending on the brand of the manufacturer, additional options that can be equipped with power tools, for example, a charge indicator, a lamp to illuminate the work surface, or two batteries are provided. All these nuances can affect the cost.

The price range varies from $50 to $500. Depending on the manufacturer and the characteristics of the screwdriver. You can find a tool worth 5-6 thousand, but according to the characteristics, it will be inferior.

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