How to choose a jigsaw

Jigsaw – is a very useful thing in the home, in the workplace, sometimes simply irreplaceable. A variety of materials with which it can handle quite large: it wood, metal, plastic, ceramic tile. How to make the right choice when buying this tool, what to look for?

How to choose a jigsaw

Any jigsaw has several basic characteristics:

  • power;
  • availability pendulum action;
  • adjustment of speed;
  • is a professional or household.

Let us consider each in more detail.

Power. This parameter determines the maximum depth of cut material. For example, a jigsaw 400W, able to master the board is not thicker 2 “, metal thickness of 3/16”. Models 650-750 W may have to saw a board in a 4 “metal workpiece 5/16.” More powerful jigsaws are good for long-term work, the engine will be less warm, less need to pause in the work to allow it to cool. But there is a drawback of the high power jigsaw – is its weight. The more powerful the engine, the harder the tool itself, you’ll quickly get tired. In figure sawing it is much easier to work with a light tool, so the low-power model is preferable.


Pendulum stroke. This function is needed for fast cutting and for cutting thick boards (thickness of more than 1 ‘/ 1/4). As a rule, there are jigsaws 3 position pendulum action, and the thicker the board, the greater the value of the exhibit. For example, the board 1 ‘/ 1/4 – put in position 1 to 1’ / 1/2 board in the second, over 2 “- place 3 position without pendulum action, you will also be able to saw a board 2.”, Just that it will be very slow. When this function performs sawing motion is not just up and down, and it pushes a little back and forth and cut markedly accelerated.

Yes, the function is good for easy cutting, but if it comes to clean the cut, it is best to disable it, then cut it turns out more flat and smooth. For example, it is not necessary for cutting laminate or figure sawing it.

Speed adjustment. For the metal cut, and where to spend nail file should be very careful not to damage the workpiece, do not leave the marked area, such as when to cut a radius at the cut figure. When sawing metal, it does not expose the speed of more than 3, and it is desirable to use headphones, but it is very strong grinding pressure on the membrane.

The adjustment can be either with a special wheel on top of the handle and simply by clicking on the Start button. The more clicks, the more the number of saw blade revolutions per minute.

Professional or home. The difference between these classes is continuous work jigsaw duration and engine life (durability). Tool class domestic needs periodic breaks when the engine is heated, worked for about 15-20 minutes without stopping, and then make the rest (minut5-10), the engine has cooled down and you can continue. This applies not only to jigsaws, but also any other domestic tool. Compliance with this rule will significantly extend the service life. As a rule, these 15-20 minutes is enough for domestic use, for the period of time you can saw through a pile of boards. And if you work in a mode sawed off the board put the jigsaw, a few minutes sawed off again, and then we can not make any breaks. A professional tool is no time limit, engine design allows you to work without interruption, as the pause in production is simply not allowed. But the price of a professional is much higher. Jig with the same characteristics, and costs may differ a factor of 2 or more.

It is worth noting that both professional and every day you will be able to do absolutely the same work, the only difference in time.

Yet a number of points that should look for when buying.

Have complete stop (stop). Useful thing, the essence is to ensure that exactly cut spending. For example, you need to cut a board uneven edge (other while flat), this is the stop rests on the flat part of the board, you just spend your jigsaw along the entire length of the board, without fear that it will move to the side and the cut is not perfect.

Some models are equipped with a laser guide.

Not to say that the vital thing, but not call unnecessary.

When the laser gives a projection (line) in order to accurately cut on it without being displaced to one side. Before you start cutting, at the end of the workpiece put a label laser line should look clearly on the label, and then begin to cut, cut will follow you specified trajectory. If your jig saw is not equipped with this function, you can just make a layout marker, you get no worse, maybe a little longer.

Backlight. Well in dimly lit areas, the LED located on the end of a jigsaw.


A rinsing of the workpiece. When cutting, usually produces a lot of chips, sometimes poorly visible signs, by which to cut. The presence of airflow will do the job much more pleasant and easier, but it is necessary to blow on the board. Particularly useful when performing high-precision cutting, precisely along a predetermined path (for example, figure sawing furniture).

Often jig equipped with a connector for the construction of the vacuum cleaner. It is helpful if you need to do the job very clean, without excessive dirt and dust. At 100% it certainly does not release from the cleaning, but most of the sawdust vacuum cleaner will take a.

Cordless Jig Saw. This is good, so to speak, in the field, where there is no connectivity to a power outlet. It’s his only advantage. Its price is rather high, due to the high cost of the battery itself. Sometimes the battery is 2/3 the price of the instrument.

Just pay attention to such trifles as a rubberized handle, quality plastic, as they say, a trifle, but nice. Take it in your hand, as it is convenient.
Important points when using the jigsaw.

Always select a saw so that the saw blade when cutting edge necessarily exposed due to the workpiece. If the saw blade will not penetrate board will be beating in the stock jigsaw, which leads to the instrument system.

At the time, let the engine cool down, not overheats. extend the service life.

Often the failure is due to improper handling of the jigsaw, and not the fault of the manufacturer.

Change the time to blunt a saw, the work itself makes the cut longer, has an additional load on the engine, it is more heated and wears.

Tips for the selection of saw blades.

Nail files can be wood, metal, tiles.

If you want clean and free of nicks to saw wood, take a nail file with a fine tooth, the smaller, the cleaner will cut.

For fast cutting is better to take with a large tooth.

Work will turn faster, but more ragged cut, do not always need a clean cut, for example, quickly saw through a pile of boards.

For figure cutting applies a narrow saw blade with fine teeth, to make it easier to do the rounding, the radius to cut, it will not be clamped in the workpiece.

There is special saw blade with a very fine tooth, the same can be sawn Plexiglas for cutting metal. There is special saw blade for aluminium.

For tile saws with carbide-coated silicon.

As for manufacturers. Among the domestic class jigsaws well established “Skil”, “Black and Decker”, “Bosch” (green).

Among professional holding the palm “Bosch” (blue), “Makita”, “Hitachi”, “Metabo”.

And of course, “Hilti” – a recognised leader in quality, but also the value of the company’s instrument is very high. At the same characteristics with “Bosch” or “Makita” price is above 3 times.

It is advisable to buy this in a very tough operating conditions, we say “wear”.

It’s easy nowadays to buy a jigsaw almost any tool magazine, it is also possible to order online with delivery.

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