Jigsaw blades types

Today, we analyse the types of saws for electric jigsaw, for when choosing a buyer raises many questions. Species saws very much because you can jigsaw to saw not only the tree, the list is much longer. Therefore, in this article we will understand how best to cut saws simple tree, and what chipboard or hardboard what saws sawing various kinds of metal.

And of course, we will pay attention to the labelling, however, after reading this article, you will understand what nail file for any jobs.

It is no wonder that in the sawing there are different numbers and letters. What do they mean? All this we discuss the example of Bosch’s popular models, as they are of good quality and the price is very low.


If you have ever been in the tool shop, we saw that the shank nail files have any letters or numbers. We will understand what they mean.

The letter T represents a type of attachment, that is T-shaped (Figure 1). It can also happen U, it is much rarer (Fig. 2).

Jigsaw blades types

Types of shanks

The numbers on the shank means:

The first figure – length:

  • 1 – standard short, length 3″;
  • 2 – the average length of up to 3 1/2″;
  • 3 – lengthened to 6″;
  • 7 – the long (greater than 6″).

Then following letters stand for the size of the teeth:
A, B, C, D

A tooth – the smallest, so all metal nail files have A, for example, T118A means – Sawing with T-shank, short, very fine tooth. Next, respectively – B – Tooth bit bigger (most often it is a fine tooth saw blade on plywood, particleboard, fiberboard and wood for a clean cut). Nail file with the C and D letters – with the largest teeth, wood for rough cutting.

Also, there are nail files with just two letters at the end, for example, model T119BO, therefore, analyse the meaning of the last letter:

  • F – bimetal (the coolest, quality);
  • R – with the opposite tooth;
  • X – Universal for wood, metal and plastic;
  • O – for the curve cutting (cut it out a circle for example, usually thin to nail file can be turned directly during cutting);
  • P – fat options for cutting under the strictly accurate selected angle (thick, not bent, so the cut is perfect). Bright representative – T144DP, is considerably more expensive than standard.


Blade Material(s)

Teeth Type

Softwood High carbon steel
Hardwood High Speed Steel
Plastic All materials
Varies according to composition
All types
Varies according to composition
Aluminium High Speed Steel
Steel High Speed Steel
Ceramic, stone,
and other masonry materials
Tungsten Carbide Grit, no teeth

Jigsaw blades for wood

The main purpose of an electric jigsaw – is sawing wood.
For this purpose, there is a huge amount of nail files and they are all different. Let’s order.

If you need to saw the usual board and you do not care cutting quality, its purity, you’re working on speed (for example, conventional sawing boards for firewood or fence), then buy a saw blade for jigsaw with a large tooth. This cutting speed is high, and if you work in a pendulum jigsaw mode, then everything will be just fine.

In addition, also pay attention to the length of the saw blade, as sawn board or bar thickness of 3″ (for example) usually do not work, you will need to elongate.

Well, the third caveat when choosing – is the thickness of standard saw blade is not thick, but there are thick (they hew much better because it does not bend). Since in most Jigsaw uses a standard mount (T-shaped), and the name of the saw blade for such attachment begins with the letter T.

And now every sawing analyse separately that it can be cut, for which it works best.

T101D- standard for sawing boards, short. Price quite low (40-50 rubles), so it is in demand and is part of our so-called “gentleman’s kit”. Usually when buying a jigsaw buyer asks to pick up little saws for the economy, so that the 101D is included in the kit is necessary. It has a large tooth, good cutting speed, cutting quality is acceptable. In addition to the boards mozh6o sawing chipboard, plywood thick.

T101B – a second standard for the jigsaw for wood, fine tooth, so we recommend it for the finishing cut. She works on plywood, chipboard, hardboard, plexiglass, plastic. cutting speed is slower than the previous one, and it is clear, fine tooth longer needed for the finishing cut.

T101BR – exactly the same as 101b, makes all the difference in the direction of the tooth. This nail file with a reverse tooth, which works primarily on the coated surface. This is of course primarily a laminate, glossy finish laminate does not tear, so the cut is obtained smooth and neat. So this is a great option for laminate and glued wood.

T119BO – for figure cutting, so it is fine. She used when you need to saw the tree in a circle or something. Because it is thin, while cutting jig can be rotated. To cut her circles, diamonds, ovals in plywood, OSB. Tooth small, so I cut it turns out flat and smooth. Before you start to cut a hole in the plywood, first drill a “hole” in the usual drill, then insert the saw blade into the hole and start cutting in a circle.

There are also progressive models that are more expensive, however, and sawing is much more efficient and faster than standard. One of these – T234X – for cutting chipboard, fiberboard, any wood, and most importantly – for cutting wood along the grain.

Sawing cuts very quickly, so in demand among buyers. It is also possible to work on sheet metal, plastic, plexiglass.

Elongated – T345 XF, for cutting thick wooden bars. Figachit a sawing bar 3 1/2″, without any problems. It mark the BIM so that the bimetal saw blade can cut everything except the stone))

Jigsaw blades for metal

T118A – standard saw blade for metal, has a very fine tooth (like paintings, metal). You can cut metal up to 1/8″, the truth is a terrible rattle, so use ear protectors. Highly recommend. Also, due to the fact that the tooth is very small, it is also recommended to cut plastic, many finishers and arrive.

This is 5 nail files that we constantly sell with Jigsaw. By and large enough for all of their household chores.

In addition to the standard saw blade for metal has special options for any other metal. For example, sawing for aluminium has a large tooth, so the teeth do not become clogged. After aluminium – soft metal, so the standard metal very quickly clogged with chips.

T224D – on aluminium, special. It is written and Alu.

Sawing on the tile, stone and porcelain stoneware

Not everyone has the tile cutters and grinders, so come up with a special saw blade for jigsaw on the tile. The blade has teeth instead of tungsten carbide coating, which actually takes place cut any stone surface.

T150Riff – for special tiles, cost about 250 rubles. Excellent cut tile.

Popular manufacturers of blades for jigsaw: Black and Decker, Bosch, DeWalt and others.

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